Our Path

Why we do it

Over the years, we have undertaken a continuous and growing set of actions in terms of environmental and energy sustainability, with the implementation of processes to allow integrated growth at all levels. Currently, Barata Garcia is fully committed to minimizing its carbon footprint, by operating throughout the entire production chain - upstream, through rigorous selection of suppliers committed to this principle, and downstream with the alignment of our customers' philosophy. Throughout the production process, we have implemented systems such as the automatic separation of materials such as textile waste, cardboard, paper and plastic. All this waste is collected by companies focused on recycling and recovery. The constant search for solutions that increase energy sustainability has led Barata Garcia to opt for lighting using LED, a more efficient technology that has high levels of durability, and the installation of solar panels is planned for the near future. We are also supporting our commitment to sustained growth through of our recent Bio-Laundry with efficient technology for saving this essential resource, water. More than a trend, this a way of being a benchmark company in the sector.

Human Scale

We recognize each employee as unique in Barata Garcia's internal and external processes by promoting well-being, ethics and rigour. The recognition and respect of each talent at Barata Garcia reinforces the guiding line of human resources. We are proud of the continuous renewal of our SA8000 certification, one of the most important European certifications in the area of social responsibility; we thus comply carefully with the human rights regulation established by the European Committee, including social and environmental, hygiene and safety concerns in its operations and interacting with the whole community. We identify internal talents and develop skills in our employees and we hold ourselves to account through ethical and socially responsible conduct. We ensure that all employees have a healthy and safe work environment and we comply with all labour and environmental standards, both in our production and in relationships with our partners. We are aware of our responsibility in building a fairer and more equal and healthy society.


Continuous investment in technology, software and computer systems and high-end machinery is one of the main levers for the consolidation of Barata Garcia in the textile and clothing world.
With a strategic, comprehensive vision and a focus on profitability, productivity, quality and efficiency, Barata Garcia ensures the best results in the supply chain to its customers.

We do this by optimising our cut plans, methods, efficiency ratios, tracking of non-conformities, assessment of customer portfolio satisfaction - we innovate in the present to build our future.

Made in Portugal, with quality and with the best CertificationsMade in Portugal, with quality and with the best CertificationsMade in Portugal, with quality and with the best Certifications

Economic, social and environmental sustainability are priorities on the route that we have mapped out and they link us to the future. The implementation of certifications in these areas reinforce and enhance the recognition of Barata Garcia with all partners and customers.

Certification in the SA 8000 standard ensures that the practices adopted aim to protect the basic human rights of workers, based on the UN Declarations of Human Rights, the ILO and other international human rights, national and international legislation and industrial standards and codes of conduct.

100 by OEKO - TEX® certification reinforces safety and confidence in our garments free from harmful substances

The GRS standard provides certification of recycled material, supply chain, social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions, at the level of third parties.

GOTS and OCS BLENDED / 100 track the flow of raw materials, such as the production of organic cotton, or the inclusion of organic fibres and materials.

Better Cotton certification guarantees good social practices in the textile supply chain.

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