Our Path

Why we do it

Over the years, we have launched and maintained a range of initiatives designed to foster environmental and energy sustainability and have implemented across-the-board processes that underpin integrated growth. We are fully committed to minimising our environmental footprint, by intervening at every stage of the production chain. Upstream, we partner with carefully selected suppliers who are working towards the same end. Downstream, we align fully with the client’s philosophy on environmental matters. We have implemented environment-oriented systems throughout our production process. These include the automatic separation of textile waste, cardboard, paper and plastic. All the waste is collected by companies that specialise in recycling and recovery. Our ongoing search for solutions that enhance our energy sustainability has led us to invest in LED lighting, a technology that offers both longevity and improved efficiency. In the near future, we plan on installing solar panels. Another initiative that underscores our commitment to sustainable growth is our new Bio-Laundry, which has been equipped with state-of-the-art technology for reducing the use of one of most precious resources, water. This is not just a passing fad for us. On the contrary, it is the way we want to be as one of the leading companies in our sector.

Our People

In all our internal and external processes, we treat each employee as the individual they are. We foster well-being, an ethical approach and job commitment. Our human resources team are guided in their work by our recognition and respect for each employee’s worth. We are proud of the fact that we have been awarded and have retained our SA8000 certification, one of Europe’s most important social responsibility certifications. It means that we comply fully with all aspects of the European Committee’s regulations on human rights and that we embed social, environmental, hygiene and safety priorities in our operations and in our interaction with the wider community. We identify internal talent and develop employee skills in our employees, whilst also making our mark as a socially and ethically responsible organisation. All our employees can be assured of a healthy and safe working environment, which is configured to take into account all the relevant standards on the environment and employment. This applies as much to our external partners as it does to our in-house staff because we are aware that we have a key role to play in building a fairer and healthier society.


Our continuous investment in technology, software and computer systems, as well as in high-end machinery, is one of the main drivers of our leading position in the textile and clothing world.
Our strategic and comprehensive vision is focused on profitability, productivity, quality and efficiency. This is how we ensure the best results throughout the supply chain that ends with our clients.

The tools we use to achieve these aims include the optimisation of cutting plans, fine-tuning our methods, efficiency ratios, non-conformity tracking and client satisfaction assessment. We innovate now to secure our future.

Each certification serves to affirm our values Each certification serves to affirm our values Each certification serves to affirm our values

Economic, social and environmental sustainability underpin the path that we have already taken and the one that will lead us to the future we want. Certifying our business in these areas strengthens and enhances the way in which our partners and clients see and appreciate Barata Garcia.

SA 8000 certification ensures that our practices protect our employees’ basic human rights, as stipulated in the UN and ILO Declarations on Human Rights, domestic and international legislation, industrial standards and codes of conduct.

100 by OEKO - TEX® certification underscores the safety of our clothing and the fact that it is free from harmful substances.

The GRS standard sets the requirements for third-party certification of our recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions.

GOTS and OCS BLENDED / 100 trace the flow of raw materials, as in the production of organic cotton, and the inclusion of organic fibres and materials.

Better Better Cotton certification guarantees best social practices in the textile supply chain.

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