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How we do
Our Know-How

The method we use allows us to offer the market comprehensive solutions that are carefully adjusted to each partner’s specific profile. When working with the world’s leading fashion brands, our design, sales, samples, production, logistics and administration teams apply their dedication and passion to analysing everything in the closest detail, from the exploration of each client’s vision to the finished product, from the design to the production of the knitted raw materials, from the customisation of the collections to the production of private labels. And do so without ever losing sight of our commitment to sustainability.

The Workflow

For each individual client, we create quality, on-trend and comfortable clothing.
A unique process, one that we always repeat with the same passion.

Customer Order

Research and Design

Production Materials

Sample Order

Production and Manufacturing

Logistics and Packaging

Distribution Shipping

Happy Brands

The Design House
A tailormade solution for each partner

We truly connect with our partners, delivering exactly what they are looking for, despite demanding timings, through perfect execution and a true end-to-end process. It all starts with a very special welcome. The Portuguese are known all over the world for the hospitality and warmth they extend to visitors. We build on this natural characteristic and enhance it with a complete and fluid process, a warm welcome and full in-person engagement, so as to ensure that our visitors will always feel like coming back. We know that convenience, comfort and time are precious to our clients. In a nutshell, our Guest House expresses everything that we are!

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