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Who we are
How it all started

Our story began in the north of Portugal. In the 30 years since we were founded, we have grown steadily into the stable and substantial textile business that we are today. Our manufacturing premises now cover a total of 11,000 m2. Quality, innovation, creativity, ethics, sustainability and social responsibility have been our hallmark, ever since we started out along this path. We owe much to the guiding hand of our CEO, João Garcia, who leads the team of 140 that form the beating heart of Barata Garcia. Our strategic approach and in-depth know-how allow us to continue to invest in customised solutions for our fashion industry clients and partners.

Facts & Figures

We have a turnover of approximately 20M euros. Our flexible production capacity means that we can take on orders of any size. On average, we produce around 125,000 pieces/month. The end-to-end solution we offer our clients includes working up sample ranges within 72 hours and the ability to produce and make up as many as 3,000 samples a month.

Our People

In all our internal and external procedures, we treat each employee as the individual they are. We act globally and across the whole organisation, fostering the individual well-being and motivation of all our people and helping them build their talents. This commitment is reflected in our renewed SA8000 certification, under one of Europe’s most important standards for social responsibility.

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Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
Social Responsibility Policy

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We want to ensure that future generations opt for conscientious fashion. We implement circular economy behaviours and policies. These include reducing, reusing, recovering, and recycling all kinds of materials and energy sources. Proof of this is to be found in collections that are organic and sustainable, the continuous monitoring of our production processes and our certifications.

Attention to Detail & Innovation

We understand that the path we have chosen is one of enhanced responsibility and commitment. The close attention to detail that we apply to our relationship with our people is a key and decisive driver of our ability to compete. We work together, hand in glove, to optimise the processes and procedures involved in production. We are committed to investing, on an ongoing basis, in our production, technology and human resources.

Design & Quality

We are what we produce. We are the result of our creative ability to generate value. We make sure that we knit our vision and the client’s needs into each and every garment. We are design and quality. We are the result of our determination to rise to ever greater heights of quality and to outdo ourselves, at each and every stage.

We export 90% of our production

Every day, orders are dispatched from our logistics centre and carry our vision of fashion to all four corners of the globe. This is how the quality embedded in our garments reaches our clients and the socially responsible brands that have opted to share this journey with us. The millions of square metres of knitted fabrics that we turn into garments are now out and about and satisfying customers in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, England, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Finland and the USA.

Customer Testimonials
“ Working with Barata Garcia team is a real joy: their expertise and following devices has been a true help in the development of our brand. Reactivity and professionalism are keys point that make them indispensable partners for us.  ”
Louis N.
“ Je travaille avec BARATA pour ma marque que j’ai lancé après mes expériences dans une grand maison de luxe à Paris, je suis tout à fait satisfaite de leur travails et de résultat! (…) elle sont à l’écoute et travaillent avec tout son coeur. Plein de possibilité sur le développement, la qualité produit assurée, c’est parfait pour moi. ”
Jungmi P.
“ Je ne pourrai que recommander de travailler avec Barata Garcia. Depuis notre rencontre au Portugal il y a 3 ans, nous avons une relation de travail très appréciable. Les échanges sont constructifs et agréables, le suivi de production est bon, la fabrication est rapide, de bonne qualité et surtout on trouve toujours des solutions ensemble pour nous adapter aux perturbations extérieures. Trouver des partenaires fiables n’est pas chose aisée. Barata Garcia en est un. ”
Julien P.
“ Nous travaillons en collaboration avec Barata Garcia maintenant depuis près de 2 ans.  Une équipe accueillante. Une usine organisée, moderne et performante.  C’est un plaisir de travailler et d’échanger avec l´équipe. Toujours à l’écoute des nouveaux projets, réactive et flexible ”
Marianne D
“ Barata Garcia and the team are great partners, advisers and suppliers... We launched our fashion line with Barata Garcia last year and since then Sergio and his team has constantly been meeting our goals and giving good tips to improve our goods. It’s a real pleasure working and dreaming together with the Barata Garcia team. ”
Rami M.
“ We have worked with Barata Garcia for three seasons now and have found them to be straightforward to deal with. Their communication standard is good and their attention to detail is focused and accurate. The team deliver on what they say they will do and where there are problems they are solutions orientated and take responsibility for factory based problems.  Good people, delivering great product on time and at a fair price. ”
Jonathan H.
“ Working with Barata Garcia´s team is a pure blessing. Not obly is he fully devoted to satisfying my needs as a client, but he and his team are very porfessional and always ready to come up with a solution to help reach the final goal. The quatlity of the products is by far the best I have seen on the market. As well as his ability to deal with my needs, constantly evolving. ”
Fred J.
“ Working with Barata Garcia family has always been a pleasure. They’ve always helped to develop our business and after almost a decade together we’re still looking to the future with enthusiasm ”
David H.
“ I have been very impressed by the overall service provided by all the team at Barata Garcia so much so they have become our preferred supplier for knitted jersey products.  From the day to day management of our account through to the quality of their product development and final production they have always delivered to our very high standards. I cannot recommend highly enough. ”
Stephen G.
“ We have now been working with Barata Garcia for 3 seasons and in that time they have become one of our most trusted partners and a major part of our sourcing strategy to help us develop our brand globally. From the development process through to final production their customer service has always been nothing short of excellent and the quality of both samples, final production and on time delivery have always exceeded expectations. The best recommendation that I can give is that as a business from day one they have always been there to support our needs whether helping our design and development team with innovative solutions to problems or showing flexibility in production on MOQs where we have had a need for a small number of directional SMUs or helping to fast track critical orders if at all possible. We are very much looking forward to building our business with Barata Garcia as we work closely together to maximise the opportunities that the ‘new’ world is going to throw at us in 2021. ”
Jonathan B.
“ We have been growing and developing our Tee-shirt and Sweat collection with Barata Garcia for over 10 years; it is a true partnership that have been established.  Barata Garcia knows how to support us on a daily basis in our developments, within our deadlines and in compliance with our quality and price criteria.  The diversity of the products offered is also the strength of Barata Garcia. Thank you Barata Garcia for all your efforts, for the quality of your service and for the very friendly relations with all your collaborators on a daily basis ! ”
Bernadette V.
“ The Barata Garcia team have been incredibly accommodating and helpful at all stages of our production. Their wealth of experience helped us bring our designs to life by advising on how our designs translate to material choices, stitch and embroidery techniques. We were also conscious approach on how to produce our collections efficiently, on time and with as little environmental impact as possible. They continue to play an essential part in growing the clothing category of our brand. ”
Jonny C.
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