Our Soul

Who we are
30 years of uninterrupted growth in the textile business

Our soul reveals exactly who we are. Barata Garcia was founded 30 years ago. 30 years of continuous across-the-board growth in the textile sector, from design and development through to production capacity. Everything we do is driven by our commitment to doing more and doing better. This drive to break new ground and to invest in innovation and attention to detail has got us to where we are today. We are rightfully proud of this but we want to go even further. We choose to be an active part of the whole and, by means of our hands and our soul, to leave our mark on absolutely everything we do.

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Our Focus

What we do
We specialise in producing and making up circular knitwear

What we do and how we do it underscores our expertise in the production and making up of circular knitwear. We pride ourselves on the quality of our production and we work closely with a network of partners who are fully engaged in ensuring our end customers get the value they deserve. Whether for the mid-range, top tier or premium market, our team is fully capable of delivering Private Label solutions and of working up complete collections for women, men and children. We focus on fashion, streetwear and sportswear and we craft tailor-made solutions that perfectly match each brand’s purpose and its choice of materials and finishes.

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Our Way

How we do things
We build a complete, made-to-measure turnkey solution for each and every client.

Everybody in the business knows we do this is in a way that is all our own. The way we work and the way we build complete, made-to-measure and turnkey solutions means we are ready to put everything on the line to meet the needs, ambitions and raison d'etre of each client and brand. Our work begins with research, design and development. We forecast each season’s trends, to ensure that every aspect of every project runs like a well-oiled machine. We even offer our clients a signature stay-over experience.

We have chosen to lead from the front We have chosen to lead from the front We have chosen to lead from the front

Our Path

Why we do it

What underpins our mission? People. Making things happen. Evolving. Creating a better world. Social responsibility. Innovation The values we live by. The way in which we optimise our use of natural resources, our environmental policies and our ongoing engagement with sustainable practices and behaviours all mark the path we have carved out for ourselves. They offer us a route to a future for the sector that, together with our clients, we have already embarked on. We are increasingly connected, through a shared vision and partnerships with a unique positioning.

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